PPVM Password Generator for Android

    -- Generate Playback Password at anytime and anywhere

    PPVM Password Generator is a helpful app running on Android Tablet or Android Phone. Using it, you can create playback password at anytime and at anywhere.
    Assuming such a case, you use Password Protect Video Master to protect your video, and sale your videos online. When you are not in your office, may be you are traveling, your customer write to you and request the playback password, then you can immediately use PPVM Password Generator to generate a playback password to your customer. It makes your business more efficient.

How to use PPVM Password Generator?

Step 1: Install "PPVM Password Generator" on your android tablet or android phone, then run "PPVM Password Generator" app.
PPVM Password Generator Startup

Step 2: Type the encryption key and the Machine ID, then click "Next" button.
Type encryption key and machine id

Step 3: You can choose a limit type for the playback password, it support four limit type as show at screenshot.
Choose a limit type

Step 4: Choose a limit type, and click "Next" button.
Set limit type

Step 5: You can click "Copy" button to copy the generated password, then send it to your customer through IM tools, mail and other method.
generate playback password

System Requirements

    OS: Android 2.3 or Higher, such as Android 2.3.x/3.x/4.0/4.1/4.2


    Site 1:  Free Download PPVM Password Generator


    If you have any questions, suggestions about PPVM Password Generator, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.
    EMail: support@password-protect-video.com