PPVM Password Generator for Linux

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    PPVM Password Generator for Linux is a efficient tool that generate playback password for password protected videos on Linux Operating System.
    Using PPVM Password Generator for Linux, and other website development tools(such as PHP), you can build your online password generate system, fully automate your business. For example, you sell video product online and use Paypal or other online payment system to receive your client's payment. After your client purchases your product and complete payment, Paypal will send IPN notification to your website, then your website process this IPN notification, using PPVM Password Generator for Linux to generate playback password, sending password to your client by e-mail. It is fully automatic processing does not require manual operation.

How it works?

    PPVM Password Generator for Linux is a command line tool running on Linux Operating System, the tool name is ppvmpwdgen.
    The command line format is:
ppvmpwdgen -f [license file] -k [encryption key] -m [machine id] -t [playback times] -d [expire date] -w [watermark]
  -f :   specify license file full path, if it isn't specified, it will generate trial playback password.
  -k :  specify the encryption key.
  -m:  specify the machine id.
  -t :   option, specify the playback times.
  -d :  option, specify the expire date, the format is Year-Month-Day, for example: 2013-08-12
  -p :  option, specify the preview secnods.
  -w:  option, specify the watermark.

    There is a sample page to generate playback password online, you can trial it through this link Generate Playback Password Online.
    The full version contains ppvmpwdgen and PHP sample code, the PHP sample code shows how to generate playback password using ppvmpwdgen. Get Full Version Now


    If you have any questions, suggestions about PPVM Password Generator for Linux, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.
    EMail: support@password-protect-video.com